Waiting Until After The 20 Week Scan To Announce That You’re Expecting

If there’s one thing that some of you might be surprised by, it’s that we started this blog and our Instagram page to document our journey well before we had told all of our family. Believe it or not, as I’m writing this, some family members still don’t know that we are expecting our bundleContinue reading “Waiting Until After The 20 Week Scan To Announce That You’re Expecting”

Five Things You Should NEVER Say To LGBTQIA+ Parents

Two things have unfortunately angered us over the last few weeks or so. First of all, someone in the family decided to share the news that Alex and I are expecting before we had a chance to tell extended family and friends. The second? Responses we’ve had all because we’re LGBTQIA+ parents to be onContinue reading “Five Things You Should NEVER Say To LGBTQIA+ Parents”

Our High-Risk Pregnancy So Far

From the moment that positive test result shows, you imagine what the little miracle growing inside you will look like, what they’ll be like, their hobbies and interests, which parent they will be closest to etc. But what if you have a high-risk pregnancy? Around 8% of all pregnancies are considered high risk. Most willContinue reading “Our High-Risk Pregnancy So Far”

The Truth About ‘Airline Approved’ Car Seats!

Firstly, I’m aware this post is about to burst many peoples’ bubbles who may have already spent upwards of £200 on a car seat they have been informed is airline approved, only for me to come on and say it might not be allowed onboard. Secondly, I’ve made this post to the best of myContinue reading “The Truth About ‘Airline Approved’ Car Seats!”

Baby On A Budget – Top Tips

In the days where almost everyone is now getting the latest gadgets for their new little one, a baby’s first year can cost parents over £11,000. However, if you’re willing to do a little bit of work, then there are a few simple and easy ways to make this figure decrease dramatically. For us, it’sContinue reading “Baby On A Budget – Top Tips”

Five Things That Really Get To Me As A Disabled Mum-To-Be!

It’s no secret that I’m disabled. The very fact that I’m a wheelchair user tells the world straight away that I have something wrong with me. It also seems to invite some rather horrible, intrusive and frankly unwarranted assumptions or comments about my ability to parent or just about my life in general. Since beginningContinue reading “Five Things That Really Get To Me As A Disabled Mum-To-Be!”