Steiff Teddy Bear Review

When it comes to toys for little ones, there are many different types to choose from, but if there’s one essential toy that most people can agree on when it comes to what children should have, it’s teddy bears and plush toys! Whether it’s as a gift for that special occasion, a reward for good behaviour, or just one that parents get for their little one, teddy bears have been a staple in babies nurseries and toddler/children’s bedrooms across the world. Even now, both Alex and I have our favourite teddy bears from when we were children! 

Many brands create teddy bears, but one extremely well-known brand is Steiff. For generations, Steiff has been a go-to brand for families worldwide when giving a teddy bear to a little one and is easily recognisable with the iconic button in the ear trademark that Steiff has had since 1904. Steiff teddy bears are also known for being subjected to rigorous testing and for being of extremely high quality; after all, the Steiff company motto is “Only the best is good enough for children.” Both Alex and I had Steiff bears growing up, and with Alex’s mum’s side of the family being German, they know Steiff very well as a household name in Germany when it comes to teddy bears and plush toys! The high quality of the teddy bears and plush toys also means that they can be passed down for years to come. 

Teddy bears come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Whilst Steiff is renowned for its plush animals and their teddy bears, some of the Steiff range also double up as other types of toys. The Steiff Teddy Bears Stacking Lambaloo Lamb is one such teddy bear that can also be used as a toy. An excellent feature of this particular item from Steiff is that this lamb has 3 separate rings that are interactive and aid development making it truly versatile. The red one rustles, the light brown one in the middle is a cuddly ring, and the green ring at the bottom is a rattle. The lambs head is simply removed from the stack to enable the rings to come off. 

Photo of a cream coloured lamb shaped teddy bear with a smiley face on. The teddy bear has 3 rings making up its body; the top is red, middle light brown and bottom is green. The teddy bear is sitting on a grey box with red coloured drawings on.
Steiff Stacking Lambaloo Lamb

Right now, Alice loves her cuddly light brown ring and the red one which rustles. At 6 weeks old, she’s slowly becoming more aware of her surroundings, so it’s an excellent time to introduce the teddy bear to her in its separated form. The lamb’s stacking feature is also perfect because the teddy bear can be used for a stacking activity as the baby grows and moves through their developmental milestones. Talking of development, we love that one of the rings is red, as this is thought to be one of the first colours that newborns can see when their colour vision begins to develop. 

Alice, a small white baby with brown hair is laying on a multicoloured play mat wearing a green long sleeved top, dark blue leggings and white and light blue socks. Around her are a green ring, light brown ring and red ring.
Alice enjoying the rings as separate toys!

The interactive functions of the Stacking Lambaloo Lamb aren’t the only reason it’s an excellent choice as a cuddly toy; there are other reasons too. At just 18cm in length, Steiff’s Stacking Labaloo Lamb is the perfect size for tiny hands to grab hold of and play with but actually looks taller than its stated length when upright. Another most welcome feature is that the teddy bear is machine washable, even though you wouldn’t think it would be by looking at it due to the plushness of the materials used. This particular feature is excellent for ensuring that germs are kept at bay, especially as babies like to explore with their mouths, and this specific bear is great for babies from their very first days and weeks with all of its features! 

With Christmas coming up, Steiff has plenty of options for gifts for little ones, whether it’s a teddy bear for a new baby, a teddy bear for a toddler or even a collectable for a slightly older child; Steiff really does have something for everyone. The different ranges mean that you can get the infant or child’s favourite animal and, in some cases, their favourite character too! Steiff also packages their products beautifully, adding that extra special touch and quality feel to the products.

Photo of a grey and white striped box with drawings of teddy bears in red on. In the middle of the box is a cream circle with black outline which has the word Steiff in block writing in. The words knopf
How the teddy bear came packaged.

This post is kindly sponsored, and we were gifted the teddy bear for this review. However, the content is based on our honest opinions.

Photo of a brown box on a grey background with a multicoloured animal print sleeve wrapped around it. The sleeve also has a cream coloured square box with a drawing of a dears head with flowers one, and a fawn just in front of it. The words 'little fawn box' are in black underneath. There's also the words 'the subscription box for mum & baby' in cream on a black background underneath.

Parent And Baby Subscription Boxes – Are They Worth It?

Anyone who signs up to parent and baby sites like Bounty, Emma’s Diary or even just looks at Instagram or Facebook adverts will have probably seen that you can get subscription boxes for babies as well as parents. For those stuck on what to gift parents-to-be, they can seem like a great option, especially as you can find new products and they’ll usually have plenty of useful things inside.

One such box is Little Fawn Box which are boxes for parents-to-be and babies. I recently found a discount code for them which reduced the first box to £7.99, including postage. Usually, the boxes are £12.99 plus £2.99 postage, taking the total for each box to £15.98. You can also get 3-month and 6-month packages so that the boxes work out a bit cheaper. In addition, Little Fawn Box claims that all of the contents of each box are worth at least £30. So it works out at around a 50% discount by the time you’ve included postage.

Photo of a brown box on a grey background with a multicoloured animal print sleeve wrapped around it. The sleeve also has a cream coloured square box with a drawing of a dears head with flowers one, and a fawn just in front of it. The words 'little fawn box' are in black underneath. There's also the words 'the subscription box for mum & baby' in cream on a black background underneath.
How the Little Fawn Box arrives

The box itself is reasonably sized, and I really like the sleeve wrapped around the box as it makes the box itself less dull. In addition, I really like the design as it’s simple yet sleek, and the dear with the fawn is adorable!

What was in the box

Photo of various baby products including a cream and see-through baby bottle, multi-coloured baby rattle and cream and blue coloured bottle containing baby body wash. There is also a green box containing a cleansing bar, a rainbow coloured bath bomb, and a purple, cream and yellow box containing wardrobe dividers which also has an orange black and white tiger on. The products are arranged on and around a brown box which is on a grey background.
Our Little Fawn Box Contents
  1. MAM 130ml Ant-Colic Self Sterilising Bottle And Soother Set

I have so many of these sets from various freebies that I’ve managed to get hold of that I could probably start a small shop! However, I love the MAM bottles, and luckily, that’s what Alex and I have chosen to use with little one since they have a self-sterilising function which will be a godsend when we’re away travelling. The self-sterilising function also means we don’t need to worry about getting a bulky steriliser, which we have barely any room for in the kitchen! 

2. Lamaze Spin And Smile Rattle

I love that a sensory toy for our little one has been included in the box! This colourful rattle is a great size for little newborn hands and helps stimulate their vision, hearing, and touch senses. The smiley face ball moves independently of the rest of the toy to create sounds using the little balls inside, and the toy itself is excellent as a first teething toy for when little one reaches that stage of development!

3. Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Gentle Wash

I love travel-sized baby washes and was pleased to see this in the box as it gives us another baby wash option to try out with little one once they’re here. This 50ml gentle baby wash contains colloidal oatmeal for dry and sensitive skin and is specially formulated to reduce the risk of allergies – perfect for little one!

4. Belo And Me Safari Animals Wardrobe Dividers

If there’s one thing both Alex and I are guilty of, along with most other parents-to-be, it’s buying a large mixture of different sized clothes for little one before they’ve even arrived. We love a good clearance and will often pick bits up when shopping for other things, but organising little one’s clothes because of this has become rather challenging. Luckily, these wardrobe dividers will come in handy as they go from tiny baby all the way up to 18-24 months. Each coloured divider has a safari animal on it, giving little one something to look at and help them learn both colours and animals as they get older.

5. Oh K! S.O.S Foaming Cleansing Bar

This product highlights the slight dangers of getting a subscription box with allergies. My skin is very sensitive, and I happen to be allergic to tea-tree, amongst other ingredients found in many skin care products. Luckily though, this is a product Alex can use, so he’s delighted that he’s got something out of the box and hasn’t been left out! The cleansing bar includes a mesh bag for storage, and I’m told that the bar itself is great for treating breakouts!

6. Miss Patisserie Pride Bath Ball

It’s that time of year, and Pride month is just around the corner, so we were expecting that there would be a Pride-themed product in the box somewhere! I’m a big fan of bath bombs, and not only does this one from Miss Patisserie look lovely, but it also smells lush! I also really like that Miss Patisserie’s bath bombs are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.


Overall, I really like most of the products in the Little Fawn Box subscription box. Not only are the products useful for both parents and baby, but you can see that thought has gone into the selection of the box contents. Of course, there is always a danger with subscription boxes that you run into the slight problem of receiving something you don’t like or can’t use; however, the Little Fawn box, in particular, is good value for money. We worked out that the box contents at the time of writing this post are worth over £45, which is much more than the £30 that Little Fawn Box claims the boxes to be worth.

Have you brought a Little Fawn Box? Let us know what you received and what your thoughts on the box are in the comments below!

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Five Items We’ve Discovered That Will Be A Lifesaver When Little One Arrives

No matter what anyone says, planning for your baby’s arrival is a tough job! There are so many products out there, and everyone has their own opinion of what you do (and don’t) need. For me, there are more products on the market that are entirely unsuitable for our needs than those which are. However, there are 5 items we’ve found which, for us, will be a lifesaver when the little one arrives and may even be helpful for you!

  1. Snugglebundl blanket

If there’s one thing I’ve been worried about, it’s transferring our little one without disturbing them once they’re here. Anyone who’s ever tried to move a newborn will know they wake up the second you do it, which is precisely what the Snugglebundl aims to eliminate! This genius swaddle blanket comes with handles to make it easier to lift your little one without disturbing them. You can use this blanket to transfer them from car seat to carrycot or pushchair whilst out and about (the blanket is crash-tested), or as a hammock to rock them in and to keep them securely wrapped up and warm. It’s a great thing to have on hand if recovering from a c-section or other post-birth difficulties. However, as a disabled mum who has frequent joint dislocations, the Snugglebundl is something I’ve realised that I need regardless of what birth I end up having. The Snugglebundl will be getting used from day one to pick our little one up and move them about when needed, especially as it’s specifically designed to reduce the strain on the body from all the picking up!

2. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Until we found out about this baby carrier during a virtual baby show, I was worried over whether or not we’d ever find a suitable baby carrier for both Alex and I to use with our little one. We already know that there will be days where I won’t have the energy or strength to push both myself and little one in their pushchair, and not all situations will be suitable for taking the pushchair with us. Alex also prefers the idea of carrying little one instead of using the pushchair. We’ll also be travelling a lot, which means a baby carrier has become a necessity. The problem with most baby carriers, though, is that they don’t provide enough support for my joints, or worse, not even being able to get it on myself!

The Ergobaby Omni 360 isn’t only great in that you can both forward and rear face in the carrier, making it suitable for toddlers and babies alike, but you can also back as well as side carry in it. The Omni 360 also has lumbar support for the person carrying little one and a lot of padding on the straps for even more comfort, something important to both Alex and I as we’ll be using it for prolonged periods when travelling with little one. The carrier is that good ergonomically that it has been classed as a hip-healthy product. The carrier also comes in a mesh material option, something we chose over the cotton option as we know it will be heavily used in warmer climates. Another plus is that if you’re one for going on days out, the carrier also has a detachable pouch for storing things like your keys, money, and phone. The carrier also has a privacy hood with UV protection, and you’re able to breast/chestfeed without needing to remove little one from the carrier too!

3. Changing backpack With built-in cot and phone charger

Continuing on with accessories for when out and about or travelling, changing bags are of course a must. However, most of them look too mumsy and obvious, whereas I wanted a changing bag which both Alex and I could use, and could also go on the back of my chair if I’m the one carrying little one. So a quick search for changing backpacks on Amazon led to me finding this absolute beauty. I’d seen one similar on Instagram in an advert but didn’t like the cost of it, so to see this one on Amazon made me very happy. Not only does it have a big main compartment for a change of clothes, snacks etc. It also has a bottle pocket that can store three bottles, a phone charging port (need your own battery pack) and a pocket for baby wipes! The most significant function for me, however, is the inbuilt cot and changing mat. Not only does it mean we can change little one with privacy if out and about somewhere without changing facilities, but they can also nap in it when travelling during the day, or have a safe play area when travelling as well. The cot also features a sun canopy for protection on sunnier days or as a barrier against the wind if using it when outside. It’s important to note that the inbuilt cot isn’t suitable for overnight sleeping, however, so you’d still need a travel cot if going away. However, I still think it’s a great bag, and the dimensions of it when the cot isn’t in use means that if you’re flying with little one, the bag will go under the seat in front of you.

4. Benbat Portable Booster Seat

For me, the highchair situation has been one of the most stressful things to tick off because they just feel impossible to use, especially as I’m a wheelchair user who is unable to weight bear. However, there is another option which if Alex didn’t know existed, I would’ve never have found out about it! A portable booster seat has similar functions to a highchair but is lightweight, great for travel so you can feed little one anywhere, and can be placed wherever it’s needed. The one we’ve found is from Benbat, and whilst it won’t be suitable until little one can sit unaided, it will be an absolute lifesaver once they can use it. Another thing I like about the Benbat is that not only is it portable, it also comes with storage compartments to pop some of little one’s bits and bobs in. This is great, as you can forgo the changing bag and pop a change into the storage compartment of the booster seat instead if going out locally.

5. Elvie Catch

If you are breast/chestfeeding or expressing milk, suffer from leakage, and don’t want to spend loads on disposable pads or lose milk that’s produced, then the Elvie Catch is an excellent investment. Not only are these collection cups good for catching let-down or leaks from the other side when pumping, but the Catch is also wearable and slip-proof, meaning that you can wear them for up to three hours at a time without worrying about any leaks. In addition, each cup can collect up to 30ml of milk and is easy to clean by hand or dishwasher. I’ve already started having minor leaks, so I have been using this as an excuse to get used to wearing the cups, and I can honestly say that I haven’t had any problems with them slipping when going about my day, even when I have been pushing myself around in my wheelchair!

Have you found any products that have been a lifesaver for you with your little one? Share them with us below!

This post contains affiliate links. This means that we receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products when you click on a link. This does not affect you as the consumer or the price of the product or service. It is also not a paid for promotion or a collaboration/advert.