Five Items We’ve Discovered That Will Be A Lifesaver When Little One Arrives

No matter what anyone says, planning for your baby’s arrival is a tough job! There are so many products out there, and everyone has their own opinion of what you do (and don’t) need. For me, there are more products on the market that are entirely unsuitable for our needs than those which are. However, there are 5 items we’ve found which, for us, will be a lifesaver when the little one arrives and may even be helpful for you!

  1. Snugglebundl blanket

If there’s one thing I’ve been worried about, it’s transferring our little one without disturbing them once they’re here. Anyone who’s ever tried to move a newborn will know they wake up the second you do it, which is precisely what the Snugglebundl aims to eliminate! This genius swaddle blanket comes with handles to make it easier to lift your little one without disturbing them. You can use this blanket to transfer them from car seat to carrycot or pushchair whilst out and about (the blanket is crash-tested), or as a hammock to rock them in and to keep them securely wrapped up and warm. It’s a great thing to have on hand if recovering from a c-section or other post-birth difficulties. However, as a disabled mum who has frequent joint dislocations, the Snugglebundl is something I’ve realised that I need regardless of what birth I end up having. The Snugglebundl will be getting used from day one to pick our little one up and move them about when needed, especially as it’s specifically designed to reduce the strain on the body from all the picking up!

2. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Until we found out about this baby carrier during a virtual baby show, I was worried over whether or not we’d ever find a suitable baby carrier for both Alex and I to use with our little one. We already know that there will be days where I won’t have the energy or strength to push both myself and little one in their pushchair, and not all situations will be suitable for taking the pushchair with us. Alex also prefers the idea of carrying little one instead of using the pushchair. We’ll also be travelling a lot, which means a baby carrier has become a necessity. The problem with most baby carriers, though, is that they don’t provide enough support for my joints, or worse, not even being able to get it on myself!

The Ergobaby Omni 360 isn’t only great in that you can both forward and rear face in the carrier, making it suitable for toddlers and babies alike, but you can also back as well as side carry in it. The Omni 360 also has lumbar support for the person carrying little one and a lot of padding on the straps for even more comfort, something important to both Alex and I as we’ll be using it for prolonged periods when travelling with little one. The carrier is that good ergonomically that it has been classed as a hip-healthy product. The carrier also comes in a mesh material option, something we chose over the cotton option as we know it will be heavily used in warmer climates. Another plus is that if you’re one for going on days out, the carrier also has a detachable pouch for storing things like your keys, money, and phone. The carrier also has a privacy hood with UV protection, and you’re able to breast/chestfeed without needing to remove little one from the carrier too!

3. Changing backpack With built-in cot and phone charger

Continuing on with accessories for when out and about or travelling, changing bags are of course a must. However, most of them look too mumsy and obvious, whereas I wanted a changing bag which both Alex and I could use, and could also go on the back of my chair if I’m the one carrying little one. So a quick search for changing backpacks on Amazon led to me finding this absolute beauty. I’d seen one similar on Instagram in an advert but didn’t like the cost of it, so to see this one on Amazon made me very happy. Not only does it have a big main compartment for a change of clothes, snacks etc. It also has a bottle pocket that can store three bottles, a phone charging port (need your own battery pack) and a pocket for baby wipes! The most significant function for me, however, is the inbuilt cot and changing mat. Not only does it mean we can change little one with privacy if out and about somewhere without changing facilities, but they can also nap in it when travelling during the day, or have a safe play area when travelling as well. The cot also features a sun canopy for protection on sunnier days or as a barrier against the wind if using it when outside. It’s important to note that the inbuilt cot isn’t suitable for overnight sleeping, however, so you’d still need a travel cot if going away. However, I still think it’s a great bag, and the dimensions of it when the cot isn’t in use means that if you’re flying with little one, the bag will go under the seat in front of you.

4. Benbat Portable Booster Seat

For me, the highchair situation has been one of the most stressful things to tick off because they just feel impossible to use, especially as I’m a wheelchair user who is unable to weight bear. However, there is another option which if Alex didn’t know existed, I would’ve never have found out about it! A portable booster seat has similar functions to a highchair but is lightweight, great for travel so you can feed little one anywhere, and can be placed wherever it’s needed. The one we’ve found is from Benbat, and whilst it won’t be suitable until little one can sit unaided, it will be an absolute lifesaver once they can use it. Another thing I like about the Benbat is that not only is it portable, it also comes with storage compartments to pop some of little one’s bits and bobs in. This is great, as you can forgo the changing bag and pop a change into the storage compartment of the booster seat instead if going out locally.

5. Elvie Catch

If you are breast/chestfeeding or expressing milk, suffer from leakage, and don’t want to spend loads on disposable pads or lose milk that’s produced, then the Elvie Catch is an excellent investment. Not only are these collection cups good for catching let-down or leaks from the other side when pumping, but the Catch is also wearable and slip-proof, meaning that you can wear them for up to three hours at a time without worrying about any leaks. In addition, each cup can collect up to 30ml of milk and is easy to clean by hand or dishwasher. I’ve already started having minor leaks, so I have been using this as an excuse to get used to wearing the cups, and I can honestly say that I haven’t had any problems with them slipping when going about my day, even when I have been pushing myself around in my wheelchair!

Have you found any products that have been a lifesaver for you with your little one? Share them with us below!

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