Baby On A Budget – Top Tips

In the days where almost everyone is now getting the latest gadgets for their new little one, a baby’s first year can cost parents over £11,000. However, if you’re willing to do a little bit of work, then there are a few simple and easy ways to make this figure decrease dramatically. For us, it’sContinue reading “Baby On A Budget – Top Tips”

5 Things That Really Get To Me As A Disabled Mum-To-Be!

It’s no secret that I’m disabled. The very fact that I’m a wheelchair user tells the world straight away that I have something wrong with me. It also seems to invite some rather horrible, intrusive and frankly unwarranted assumptions or comments about my ability to parent or just about my life in general. Since beginningContinue reading “5 Things That Really Get To Me As A Disabled Mum-To-Be!”