What’s What At Baby & Toddler Show South East

Just a mere few weeks after The Baby Show came and went, Baby & Toddler Show South East has come around! This weekend, the show will be held at Sandown Park near Esher, and it is great to catch up on brands you may have missed and discover new brands that may not exhibit at other shows. Once again, Alex was flying, so my dad had another day out with Alice and me. My dad once worked at Sandown Park, so for him, it was a day of reminiscing and catching up with ex-colleagues whilst Alice and I went on the hunt to bring you up to speed on what’s what at Baby & Toddler Show South East this time around.

Getting To The Show:

With the show being held at Sandown Park, there is plenty of parking! However, if you prefer to travel by public transport like us, there are options! Buses from Kingston, Walton-On-Thames and other areas stop either outside Sandown park itself or a short walk away in Esher High Street. In addition, Esher train station is a 10-minute walk from the racecourse. 

At The Show:

Once you’re through the entrance and upstairs, pick up your goodie bag from Pura, one of the show sponsors. It contains a handy pack of biodegradable wipes and some hand sanitiser! There are plenty of eating options at the show, although we decided to bring our own food to keep Alice safe due to her allergies. The show also has a baby changing and breastfeeding area. But, a significant oversight on the show’s part is that there is no lift access and whilst the show has provided someone to help lift pushchairs up, it means disabled parents like myself weren’t able to use the baby-changing or breastfeeding area at all. Thankfully, I’m happy to breastfeed in public, but not all people who breast/chestfeed are! Unfortunately, it also means that disabled parents can’t take advantage of trying out Pura’s nappies for free. 

Photo of the contents of the Pura goodie bag. In the photo is a white plastic bag with light green leaf pattern on, with Pura written in dark blue. There is also some additional text in white on a dark blue background. On top of the bag is a bottle of hand sanitiser, a leaflet with discounts on and a pack of Pura baby wipes in light green and cream packaging with darker green leaves on.
Pura goodie bag

Must-visit Brands: 

Like other baby shows, nearly all of the brands at Baby & Toddler Show are offering discounts and doing special show only bundles no matter their size. We have used some of the brands personally already, and some we’ve only just discovered at Baby & Toddler Show, but we will be ordering if we haven’t already brought from those brands. 


Although Alice is breast/chestfed, we use a range of MAM products, including the soothers (their night range glow in the dark, making finding soothers so much easier in the wee hours) and the bottles when Alice has expressed milk. There are some fantastic show offers, including soothers from £4.50, Bottle accessories from £4.50 and huge savings on pumps. MAM also have their experts snd the MAM midwives at the show on hand to answer specific questions about their products. 

Munchkin & Bear:

We only discovered this brand a month ago at ExCel, so we were delighted to catch up with them! Alice has had the round mat in the emerald green botanical print at home for a couple of weeks now and adores it. When we first tried her on one of the playmats, she couldn’t sit by herself, so it was great to pop her down so that she could show off her new skill to everyone! The mats are reversible (Alice’s mat at home has a speckled grey pattern on the reverse), waterproof, wheelchair-user friendly, and can simply be wiped down with alcohol and bleach-free wipes (Clinell wipes are suitable for this!). They come in 3 sizes, and Munchkin & Bear offers a show discount on all of them. 

Alice, a white baby with brown hair is sat playing on a multicoloured striped patterned play mat with a pink, purple and green rattle which has a character on at the bottom. Alice is wearing a dark blue jacket, white tights with pink detailing on the heel and toes and a multicoloured dress. Alice also has a blue coloured soother in her mouth.
Modelling the Munchkin & Bear play mat!


Again, Cybex is a brand we’ve used from birth, as Alice happens to have two of their infant carriers. The Aton m I-Size and the Cloud Z I-Size infant carriers fit onto the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 pushchair for convenience via adapters. The L.S.P. side impact system on the car seats is also a big plus as it enhances little ones’ safety in the car. However, one of the Cloud z’s features over the Aton M is that it can lay flat in pram mode, something to consider if you’re likely to be doing many short trips using Uber or taxis. 


If you have followed us for a while, you’ll know Alice sleeps in a SnuzPod co-sleeper, and we use the Snuz Pouch and other products in the Snuz range. There are some fantastic offers over the show, including bundles with the SnuzPod.  


A brand extremely local to us, we found out about this beautiful creation through both our local NICU and a local craft collective that showcases local goods. The Dumforter is a soother and comforter in one product which also has a teething function to help little ones when their teeth come through! There are several designs, and whilst Alice loves the Zsa Zsa Zebra one, we picked up the Rosie Rabbit design at the show! 

Ubere Mama: 

If, like me, you’re breastfeeding, then you’ll know that trying to find breastfeeding friendly clothes is a mission! Ubere Mama is showing some of their designs at the Baby & Toddler Show, and some of them are beautiful indeed! All of their designs are breastfeeding friendly, with zips on the hoodies, tops and dresses, and clips on the vests. The vests can also be worn without a bra underneath, which is excellent as it means you don’t have to faff around with multiple clips when the baby is hungry! In addition, all of the clothes are designed and manufactured in the UK for the sustainable minded amongst us. I will be doing a blog post on this brand, looking at some of the designs in more detail, so please keep an eye out! 

Sadly, some brands aren’t at the Baby & Toddler Show. Bugaboo and Ergobaby are the two biggest ones that people will miss from the show. We use products from both of these brands, and they have features on some products which are extremely useful for disabled parents. It’s sad to not see them there, but hopefully, they’ll be back in the future! 

One other thing to add is if you’re bringing your little ones and want to get a photo of them at their first racecourse for their memory book, the doors going out to the parade ring are open. It makes for a great little photo spot!

Steph, a white woman with brown hair is wearing a burgundy coloured dress with light pink, red and black floral patterning on. She is sat in her grey and black wheelchair with purple accents holding Alice, a white baby with brown hair who is wearing a dark blue jacket, white tights with pink detailing on the heel and toes and a multicoloured dress. Behind them in Sandown Park's parade ring.
Steph And Alice with the parade ring behind them

Are you going to the Baby & Toddler Show this weekend? Share your favourite moments, brands and tips with others in the comments! 

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