Our High-Risk Pregnancy So Far: 32 Weeks And Still No Plan!

If there were a list of posts that we hoped we wouldn’t be doing, this is one of them! I knew from the start that pregnancy wouldn’t be easy. Alex and I spoke about that fact in detail quite a few times, as well as about what we would do in set situations, but weContinue reading “Our High-Risk Pregnancy So Far: 32 Weeks And Still No Plan!”

Our High-Risk Pregnancy So Far

From the moment that positive test result shows, you imagine what the little miracle growing inside you will look like, what they’ll be like, their hobbies and interests, which parent they will be closest to etc. But what if you have a high-risk pregnancy? Around 8% of all pregnancies are considered high risk. Most willContinue reading “Our High-Risk Pregnancy So Far”